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Jan Sprenger

Professor (Philosophy of Science), Department of Philosophy

Scientific Director, Tilburg Center for Logic, Ethics and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS)

Tilburg University
PO Box 90153
5000 LE Tilburg
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 13 466 3281
Email: j.sprenger [please insert the at sign] tilburguniversity.edu

''El tipo puede cambiar de todo: de cara, de casa, de familia, de novia, de religión, de Dios... pero hay una cosa que no puede cambiar, Benjamín... no puede cambiar de pasión.''

The ERC Project

I am currently working on the project "Making Scientific Inferences More Objective" funded by the European Research Council (ERC) (2015--2020). My collaborators are Felipe Romero (postdoc), Noah van Dongen and Michal Sikorski (PhD students). Read a short summary here. The homepage of the project is http://msio.wordpress.com.


On 26-27 June 2017, the MSIO project organizes the interdiscplinary workshop Perspectives on Scientific Error with philosophers of science, statisticians and methodologists. We will be welcoming Daniel Lakens, Edouard Machery, Barbara Osimani and Eric-Jan Wagenmakers as keynote speakers. Check out the program here!

I have been Visiting Fellow at the University of Sydney in the period February-April 2017, at the research group Theory and Methods in Biosciences, directed by Paul Griffiths. Together with my Sydney and Munich colleagues, I organized the 10th Munich-Sydney-Tilburg Conference on in Philosophy of Science. This year's topic was"Causation and Complexity". I have also been teaching in an intensive course on Formal Methods in Philosophy of Science.

On April 9, 2016, I have been interviewed in NRC Handelsblad on the topic of scientific method. Read the article (in Dutch) here.

Short Description

I am Professor of Philosophy of Science in the Department of Philosophy at Tilburg University and Scientific Director of the Tilburg Center for Logic, General Ethics and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS). [CV]

Before coming to Tilburg, I completed a Ph.D. in philosophy (summa cum laude, 2008) at the University of Bonn under the supervision of Professor Andreas Bartels. My thesis dealt with foundations of inductive and statistical inference. In the meantime, I have published a number of journal articles and book contributions, and given a lot of talks at international conferences.

My main research area is philosophy of science, with special focus on statistical methodology and the role of models in scientific inference. But I am also working in formal epistemology and group decision-making.

In my leisure time, I like to play the piano, to listen to music, to play football [sic!], to indulge into cooking and eating, and to meet with friends. I am still a quite reasonable chess player and sometimes play (duplicate) bridge.

I also love travelling. Some holiday pictures can be found here.